Diving into the Data: What the Numbers Say about the Careers of Humanities PhDs

AHA Session 217
Saturday, January 5, 2019: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Stevens C-4 (Hilton Chicago, Lower Level)
John Dichtl, American Association for State and Local History
Maureen McCarthy, Council of Graduate Schools
Robert B. Townsend, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Dylan Ruediger, American Historical Association
Chris Golde, Stanford University

Session Abstract

This panel will bring together representatives of several new national initiatives that are filling the gaps in our knowledge about the career paths of PhDs in history, English, and other humanities disciplines. Presenters will provide analysis of the most current data, and consider the implications of this data for graduate students and for departments of history, English, and foreign languages. What can (and can’t) the data tell us about PhD careers? What should graduate students, faculty, and departments know about the career paths of PhDs? How can this knowledge improve graduate programs? How might it inform graduate student advising and mentorship? Finally, what does the data suggest about the health of the humanities in the academy and the public sphere? We invite faculty and students to join us for a lively discussion.
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