Diasporas Imagined and Created: Migrants, Exiles, and Refuges in Africa, Europe, and the Americas

AHA Session 92
Saturday, January 4, 2020: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Metropolitan Ballroom West (Small) (Sheraton New York, Second Floor)
Mary E. Dillard, Sarah Lawrence College
The Audience

Session Abstract

Migration is an integral part of human societies, across all historical eras. People’s acts of migration globally reveal a great deal about the individual and collective experience. In light of people’s growing comfort with leaving home to seek out opportunities, in parts of the world with little immediate connection to the familiar, combined with growing discomfort and concerns over climate change, economic instabilities, and political authoritarianism it is critical that historians look to and work more closely with the sciences and social sciences to make sense of and write narratives of migration. This panel examines migrations within and out of previously colonized societies. Drawing on various forms of social science and humanities data and methodologies, these papers provide important insights into rationales, approaches, and sensibilities individuals have to migration as well as how places, identities, and the sense of belonging are being made in the process of these various forced and chosen migrations.
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