Oregon Apocalypse: The Hidden History of the Northern Paiute

Sunday, January 4, 2015: 3:10 PM
Conference Room D (Sheraton New York)
James Gardner, Gardner and Associates
This presentation will assess the pivotal role of visiting scholars in the Northern Paiute History Project, and discuss James Gardner’s role as a principal co-planner of the curriculum and field research.  Mr. Gardner will share how he integrated his longstanding relationships with Northern Paiute tribal elders and his decade-long research of Northern Paiute history and historiography into the course.  This presentation will examined Mr. Gardner’s collaboration with tribal members to identify research topics, primary sources, and on-site oral and archival research locations on traditional Northern Paiute lands, and tribal and non-tribal museums and libraries.  Jim will conclude with a discussion of his mentorship of the student before, during, and after the course with their creation and dissemination of knowledge to tribal and non-tribal communities, as well as through public presentations and scholarly publications.