Teaching United States History Abroad

AHA Session 56
Saturday, January 4, 2020: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Sutton South (New York Hilton, Second Floor)
Julia Bowes, University of Hong Kong
David Silkenat, University of Edinburgh
Robert Snyder, Rutgers University-Newark
Roberta Wollons, University of Massachusetts Boston
Daniel J. McInerney, Utah State University

Session Abstract

US history occupies a minor part of the curriculum at higher education institutions in other parts of the world. Students have had little or condensed exposure to critical periods and themes in US history and also take concepts, methods, and questions from historical study oriented by their own national or cultural contexts. The panelists in this round table session offer a rare insight into the place of history, and United States history in particular, in the curricula at higher education institutions in Hong Kong, Pakistan, Qatar and Scotland. They discuss their own career trajectories that took them to these institutions and their own strategies and approaches to teaching US history outside of the United States.

Panelists share perspectives as faculty, administrators and program leaders at their institutions. They discuss challenges in recruiting faculty and the mix of students who come to their classrooms and their choices relating to content and concepts in their courses. They all observe that student interest in United States history is influenced by US international relations and world affairs.

Panelists will present their ideas and approaches to teaching at their educational institutions and engage in a moderated round table discussion about approaches to narrative history, sources, methods and concepts in their courses and in the curriculum. The moderator of this session is an author of a condensed history of the United States intended for a non-US audience; he will share discussion questions with participants in advance of the meeting in January 2020. Pre-circulated questions will encourage participants to think comparatively about their students, institutions and teaching experiences.

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