Saint-Domingue and Disciplinary (Dis)Loyalties: Literature and History

AHA Session 115
Society for French Historical Studies 4
Friday, January 4, 2019: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Grant Park Parlor (Palmer House Hilton, Sixth Floor)
Laurent M. Dubois, Duke University
Logan J. Connors, University of Miami
Yvonne Fabella, University of Pennsylvania
John D. Garrigus, University of Texas at Arlington
Julia Prest, University of St. Andrews

Session Abstract

The revolutionary era has long dominated scholarship on Haiti and its colonial antecedent, Saint-Domingue. Recently, scholars of both history and literature have been increasingly drawn to studying the pre-revolutionary era. Still at an early stage in its development, this line of investigation is an ideal candidate for applying an interdisciplinary approach. This panel brings together historians and literary scholars of Saint-Domingue/Haiti to discuss the ways the methodologies and scholarship of each can be used and productively combined to reveal a more complete portrait of pre-revolutionary Haiti. The cooperation between the annual meetings of the AHA and the MLA in Chicago in 2018 provides an ideal opportunity to organize this cross-disciplinary conversation. Playing on the theme of "Loyalties" adopted by the AHA annual meeting, this roundtable explores the potential of cultivating multiple disciplinary allegiances. The session is convened by a leading historian of Saint-Domingue/Haiti who has engaged transdisciplinary approaches in his research and writing.

Logan Conners: literature; military influence on the theatre in Saint-Domingue

Yvie Fabela: history; free people of color and race in Saint-Domingue

John Garrigus: history; social, political and racial formation in Saint-Domingue

Julia Prest: literature; theatrical production and construction of race in Saint-Domingue

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