Engaging World History through Service Learning

Sunday, January 6, 2019: 11:40 AM
Stevens C-5 (Hilton Chicago)
Matthew T. Herbst, University of California, San Diego

This presentation will address pedagogical strategies in the incorporation of short-term summer and spring break study abroad activity for world history courses. Since 2008, the Making of the Modern World (MMW), a required general education world history program at UC San Diego, has offered courses in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, which combine traditional classroom activity and intercultural engagement with the locality designed to augment understanding of the content. In 2015, the MMW program expanded its approach to include service-learning components in South Africa and on the Navajo Reservation. This presentation will review practices employed by faculty to increase student engagement and knowledge and to assess student understanding. Through such experiential activity, students have an academic and personal encounter with issues covered in course content. These programs provide active learning opportunities for students and help nurture a common intellectual experience in a large required general education program.

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