Mixed Method Digital History

AHA Session 287
Sunday, January 7, 2018: 11:00 AM-12:30 PM
Blue Room Prefunction (Omni Shoreham, East Lobby)
Rebecca Wingo, Macalester College

Session Abstract

While the language of digital history is often focused on a single methodology at a time--network analysis, text mining, spatial history--many digital history projects blend multiple methods to make specific historical arguments. The three digital historians in this panel depend on the integration of at least two of these methods, along with careful data visualization, for their research. Kalani Craig's work blends several textual analysis methods with network analysis and spatial history to explore patterns of conflict resolution in early medieval Europe. Micki Kaufman's work visualizes the output of textual and network analysis in 2 and 3 dimensions to explore the shifting patterns of diplomatic correspondence in the Nixon administration. Finally, Michelle Moravec's work recenters non-academic activists in the academic discourse of feminism in the women's suffrage and civil rights movements.
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