Globalizing Russia’s Imperial Turn: Perspectives from Kritika and Ab Imperio

AHA Session 125
Friday, January 5, 2018: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Columbia 9 (Washington Hilton, Terrace Level)
Alexander Semyonov, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Michael David-Fox, Georgetown University
Ilya Gerasimov, Ab Imperio
Willard Sunderland, University of Cincinnati

Session Abstract

The imperial turn in Russian and Soviet history of the last two decades not only changed the way we view traditional themes in historiography but also laid bare global dimensions of Russian and Soviet history. Instead of a unique and isolated Russia, or, even more so, the USSR, there emerged a better understanding of the Eurasian polity of extraordinarily diverse populations, whose linguistic, cultural, religious or economic ties extended far beyond the borders of the Russian or Soviet Empire. The participants in this roundtable, who are the editors of the two leading journals in the field of Russian History, Kritika and Ab Imperio, will discuss the emerging global dimensions of Russian historiography and how it contributes to ongoing conversations in global history.
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