The Latin American Middle Classes: An Interdisciplinary Approach

AHA Session 52
Conference on Latin American History 8
Thursday, January 4, 2018: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Roosevelt Room 1 (Marriott Wardman Park, Exhibition Level)
Abel Ricardo Lopez, Western Washington University
Ezequiel Adamovsky, University of Buenos Aires
Elizabeth Q. Hutchison, University of New Mexico
Abel Ricardo Lopez, Western Washington University
Celso Villegas, Kenyon College

Session Abstract

The last decade has seen the publication of important edited volumes or special issues in journals from different disciplines on the formation of the middle classes across the world. (Julian Go, 2010; López and Weinstein, 2012, Rachel Heiman, Carla Freeman, and Mark Liechty, 2012, Adamovsky, Visacovsky, and Vargas, 2014). This roundtable seeks to bring together some of these scholars to initiate a critical interdisciplinary conversation on how to rethink the historical formation of the middle classes—as a social category, a cultural construction, a political project, and a material reality—in Latin America. The roundtable features anthropologists, historians, and sociologists working in different historical moments during the 20th century in order to locate the formation of middle classes at the core of larger theoretical questions: meanings of citizenship, new definitions of labor, gender relations, class formation, de-coloniality, and political discourses on modernity/democracy. By presenting new historical research, the roundtable seeks to stimulate a broader discussion on how we materialize interdisciplinary apporaches to the study of the middle classes now that they have yet again been located at the center of political discourse on globalization and neoliberalism.
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