DC 1968

Saturday, January 6, 2018
Atrium (Marriott Wardman Park)
Marya McQuirter, independent scholar
dc 1968 is a curated and crowdsourced digital project commemorating the upcoming 50th anniversary of 1968 in Washington, DC. The goal of the project is to move beyond the hyper focus on “the riots” and to highlight and amplify the full range of individuals, organizations, events and ideas that made 1968 such an ordinary and extraordinary year in Washington, DC. dc1968 will explore the city's activism, arts, music, climate, culture, flora, fauna, parks, transportation, sports, fashion, architecture, literature, languages, food, beliefs, philosophies and laws.

dc 1968 will achieve that goal by using one of the most popular methods of sharing historical information with the general public: On This Day. Each day, readers will view new information (photographs, descriptions, and audio and video recordings) that corresponds to that day in 1968. dc 1968 draws on the archives and collections in the city, as well as repositories around the world. In addition, the project draws on the memories and collections of individuals who lived, worked, played, visited and organized in the city in 1968.

This vetted and varied history will appeal to a broad public: Washingtonians, educators, students, journalists, historians, history buffs, preservationists and more. It can be used as a teaching tool, as the basis for research papers, National History Day projects, newspaper articles, historic designations, trips down memory lane and for sharing on social media.

My poster will describe the dc1968 website with AHA participants. I also hope to encourage participants to use the site in their classroom. Finally, there may be individuals who have memories and objects related to 1968. If so, I'm hoping that they will go to the site and upload memories.

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