Digital Emerging Scholars and Scholarship in Digital History

AHA Session 171
Saturday, January 7, 2017: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Mile High Ballroom 3A (Colorado Convention Center, Ballroom Level)
Kathryn Tomasek, Wheaton College
Chad Gaffield, University of Ottawa

Session Abstract

Historians using digital methods have added new kinds of analytical tools to their tool chest. These methodologies and approaches include textual analysis, historical GIS, crowd-sourcing, database development and many more. This session showcases some of the exciting historical scholarship being done by emerging digital historians. The speakers are all early career historians who use digital tools and methods in their teaching, research, or both. Digital methods criss-cross their work in complex and interesting ways. The panel includes scholars working on the twentieth-century United States, nineteenth-century Africa and the Atlantic world, and medieval Europe, demonstrating the diversity of fields in which digital methods are having an impact. Papers cover their work in the archives as well as their experiences using digital tools in the classroom.
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