Teaching Digitizing War for the Classroom: Engaging with Digital Resources to Teach Military History

AHA Session 312
Sunday, January 8, 2017: 11:00 AM-12:30 PM
Mile High Ballroom 3B (Colorado Convention Center, Ballroom Level)
David J. Silbey, Cornell University
Florida in World War I: A Digital History Project
Barbara A. Gannon, University of Central Florida
The Future of the Past: Digital History at West Point
Ty Seidule, United States Military Academy
Erik Villard, United States Army Center of Military History and digital history committee chair, Society for Military History

Session Abstract

This panel aims to explore a variety of digital methods to teach military history. The scale of war, its violence and disruption both in combat and on the home front, are often difficult to convey in the classroom. The papers in this panel will talk about how using digital resources can bring home to students the cultural and social chaos of war and help them understand the military history they are studying in a grounded way. The panelists will also focus on ways in which audience members can use the resources in their own classes as learning tools.
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