Destroying History: Threats to Cultural Heritage across the Globe

AHA Session 112
Friday, January 6, 2017: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Room 605 (Colorado Convention Center, Meeting Room Level)
Katherine French, University of Michigan
Senta German, Montclair State University
Robert E. Murowchick, Boston University
Thomas F. X. Noble, University of Notre Dame
Ingrid Rowland, University of Notre Dame, Rome Global Gateway
Sylvia Sellers-Garcia, Boston College

Session Abstract

Given the publicity of the destruction of Palmyra by DAISH/ISIS, this roundtable will focus on the theme “Destroying the Past: Threats to Cultural Heritage across the Globe.” Destruction of the artifacts and sources of the past is by no means a new phenomenon, and we are aiming for a panel that includes speakers on the threats from war and political instability, economic development, looters, lack of training and resources, and perhaps other topics. We are hoping to have panelists representing a broad spread of chronologies and disciplines, including historians, archaeologists, and art historians who will engage in a discussion that will cross disciplinary and national boundaries.
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