Teaching Giving Students a Chance: How High School Students Can Conduct Historical Research through the AP Capstone Program

AHA Session 310
Society for History Education 2
Sunday, January 8, 2017: 11:00 AM-12:30 PM
Mile High Ballroom 4A (Colorado Convention Center, Ballroom Level)
John Rosinbum, BASIS Charter Schools
Jay Gopalan, Harvard University
Martha Kiela, University of Arizona
Serena Magrogan, College Board

Session Abstract

Last year, as part of the new two-year AP Capstone program, high school seniors Jay Gopalan and Martha Kiela designed, implemented and presented in-depth research projects that explored the legacy of colonialism on Tucson’s education system and the effect of regime change on artistic movements in Poland. This roundtable will explore AP Seminar and AP Research, the two courses that make up the AP Capstone program, through a discussion with the former students, an AP Capstone teacher and the director of AP Research.

The session will start with a short introduction, which will be followed by the students’ presentation of their research. After a brief question and answer period Ms. Kiela and Mr. Gopalan will be joined by the rest of the panel. Together they will outline the basics of the program and explain how it offers high school students the preparation and opportunities necessary to engage in rigorous scholarly research. The remainder of the session will include a discussion amongst the panelists, with audience comment, that explores the ways it can be integrated into the high school curriculum and what this program means for instructors at the university level.

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