Media Training Workshop for Historians

AHA Session 224
Sunday, January 10, 2016: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Room 202 (Hilton Atlanta, Second Floor)
Christian J. Purdy, Director of Publicity, Oxford University Press
Tom Sabulis, Opinion Editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tracy Wilson, Producer and Host, HowStuffWorks History Podcast
Mary Zimnik, Social Media Trainer and Founder, Studio MZ

Session Abstract

Are you looking to increase your media profile? Do your articles and op-eds get ignored or rejected by editors at mainstream periodicals? Do you panic and mumble into the mic when doing radio interviews, or fumble and flail when in front of a camera? Do you have, or need to have, a social media platform to get noticed by major media today? 

For helpful tips in crafting articles and op-eds that don’t get rejected, participating in radio and TV interviews and navigating social media platforms that will highlight your research and establish you as producers’ go-to historian, join us to understand a few simple insights on how to get editors to say “yes” to your pitch, and producers to add you to their address books and book you onto their radio/TV shows.<

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