Presidential Historian-Administrators

AHA Session 62
Saturday, January 3, 2015: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Sutton North (New York Hilton, Second Floor)
Joanna Waley-Cohen, New York University–Shanghai
John W. Boyer, University of Chicago
Jack R. Censer, George Mason University
Carla Hesse, University of California, Berkeley
Carol Quillen, Davidson College

Session Abstract

How does our profession—its present situation and its future—look from behind the administrator’s desk?  This presidential session gathers together a group of historians who also serve, or have recently served, as high-level administrators in a variety of institutions of higher education.  The assumptions behind the session are threefold: these “historian- administrators” are keenly aware of budgetary constraints; they have personal reasons to be especially concerned about the trajectory of the discipline of history in their institutions; and they tend to think about problems like these in historical terms. The esteemed historian-administrators who make up the panel include one president of a four-year liberal arts college (Carol Quillen, Davidson College) and three deans of public and private research universities that have undergraduate colleges (John Boyer, University of Chicago; Jack Censer, George Mason University; and Carla Hesse, UC-Berkeley).  The chair, Joanna Waley-Cohen, is dean of NYU-Shanghai.

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