The History Blueprint and Graduate Student Researchers

Saturday, January 4, 2014: 3:10 PM
Washington Room 5 (Marriott Wardman Park)
Rajbir Judge, University of California, Davis
Rajbir Judge (Ph.D. Candidate, UC Davis) will explain his role in conducting primary-source research for a K-12 Cold War audience, and discuss the implications this has for graduate education in general.  Moreover, Rajbir will discuss the significance of framing the Cold War from a world and US history perspective, for the purpose of translating the latest scholarship in high-school appropriate terms.  Judge worked closely with historians at the CHSSP, mined archival materials to locate useful and accessible primary sources, worked to frame the Cold War in an age-appropriate and historically nuanced context, and also worked to revise the unit.  He plans to explain the evolution of the unit, and also to introduce one of the seven world and U.S. history units, particularly those that emphasize anti-colonial struggles in the Cold War context.
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