TeachingGraduateRoundtable The Oldest Alternative Profession: What Doctoral Programs Can Do to Improve History Teaching

AHA Session 112
Friday, January 4, 2013: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM
Roosevelt Ballroom II (Roosevelt New Orleans)
Robert Townsend, American Historical Association
Richard Bond, Virginia Wesleyan College
Lendol G. Calder, Augustana College
Ann Fabian, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
Linda K. Salvucci, Trinity University
The Audience

Session Abstract

The subject originated from the recent discussions about whether history doctoral programs should prepare their students for careers outside the academy. In the course of our conversations and preparation of a series of sessions on the subject, we quickly realized that teaching is also often treated as outside the professional work of history. To address that perception, we would like to invite a wide ranging discussion of the role teaching plays in training and culture of our discipline. We hope for an open and perhaps critical discussion of the profession, to consider whether students are adequately prepared for teaching careers, and whether teaching is adequately treated in the reward system of academia.

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