Digital History: Tools and Tricks to Learn the New Trade

Saturday, January 5, 2013
La Galerie 3 (New Orleans Marriott)
Ammon Shepherd, George Mason University
The environment for making history (and scholarship in general) available to the public has changed dramatically in last few years. Programs and software products abound that empower historians to produce and publicize their research. This presentation will look at some of the tools available to quickly and cheaply (read free) put historical work in the public sphere. No longer does an individual need to have programming skills or know how to run a server. Tools are available to create a professional online archive, website or web log (blog). 

Not only does this allow the historian to break from the slow, and cumbersome form of publishing, but it allows anyone interested to participate in discussions of scholarly quality. This presentation will also address some concerns and possibilities that open publishing provides.

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