New Directions in LGBT Southern History

Friday, January 4, 2013: 3:50 PM
Balcony J (New Orleans Marriott)
Pippa Holloway, Middle Tennessee State University
“New Directions in LGBT Southern History” considers recent works relevant to southern U.S. LGBT history, identify trends in this literature, and point to new directions for future scholarship.  This will include an evaluation of southern LGBT historical scholarship in the context of comparative and transnational scholarship, asking what unique contributions southern history can make to our understanding of global sexualities, identities and practices.  And, conversely, it will consider how the transnational lens might suggest ways to re-vision the history of the US South. I will also include a discussion of the career trajectories of individuals who published key works in southern LGBT history—referencing the 2001 survey by Marc Stein for the CLGBTH on history careers ("Committee on Lesbian and Gay History Survey on LGBTQ History Careers")—and discuss opportunities for LGBT history at southern graduate programs.
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