Publishing Your First Article: You're Going Out There a Youngster, but You're Coming Back a Star

Saturday, January 5, 2013: 2:50 PM
Roosevelt Ballroom III (Roosevelt New Orleans)
Susan Wladaver-Morgan, Pacific Historical Review and Portland State University
Publishing Your First Article: You’re Going Out There a Youngster, but You’re Coming Back a Star

 Using an extended analogy from show business, this talk discusses transforming a seminar paper or dissertation chapter into a publishable article (“the author prepares”), selecting an appropriate journal and submitting one’s work (an audition), dealing with feedback from referees and editors, especially for revise-and-resubmit decisions (callbacks), the offer of publication (getting cast), the editing process (rehearsals to polish the work), dealing with proofs (previews), and, at last, publication and its aftermath (opening night and reviews).  The familiar and humorous comparisons put the daunting process of getting published into a more manageable  context for first-time authors.