Call for Papers

127th Annual Meeting (January 3-6, 2013)

Begin a submission to the following:

Stand-alone Sessions

This includes all sessions of the following types:

  • Formal sessions
  • Experimental sessions
  • Discussions/Roundtables
  • Practicum session
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Multi-Session Workshop

Workshops consist of multiple sessions on a common theme, possibly using a variety of session types. Ideally, this should provide the opportunity for a more focused discussion in which participants bring a common level of knowledge or skill to bear on a subject, typically toward some practical end (e.g., developing a work-in-progress or new professional skills).

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Posters allow historians to present their data and discuss their research with colleagues in a less formal setting, using illustrative materials placed on a board. Click here for more information about posters.

New Submissions Closed

Once you have submitted the title of your presentation you will automatically receive an email that includes a password-protected hyperlink. If you must interrupt the submission process before finishing it, you can resume at any time by clicking on the hyperlink in that email. For help in submitting an abstract online, e-mail technical support