Tour 5: Hull-House Museum: Jane Addams and Chicagoís Near West Side

Friday, January 6, 2012: 9:30 AM-12:00 PM
Parlor A (Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers)

Tour leaders: Jeff Nichols, University of Illinois at Chicago; Lisa Yun Lee, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum and University of Illinois at Chicago

This tour includes a private viewing of the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum led by the museumís director, Lisa Yun Lee, followed by a driving tour of nearby working-class ethnic communities. Hull-House was a vital settlement house in nineteenth-century Chicago, and today the museum is located in two surviving buildings. The museum not only presents the life work of Jane Addams but also continues her legacy through dynamic public programming addressing issues of social justice. The built environment surrounding Hull House changed radically in the second half of the twentieth century, but working-class ethnic neighborhoods continue to thrive in the city, and their history will be explored in this tour.

(Limit 20 people) $30 members, $35 nonmembers

Please note: A full tour of one of the museum's two historic buildings requires the use of a staircase.

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