The Mutual Enemy: Transnational Anti-Communist Networks in Mexico and Argentina

Sunday, January 8, 2012: 11:40 AM
River North Room (Chicago Marriott Downtown)
Luis A. Herran Avila, New School for Social Research
This paper will provide an interpretation of the intellectual and organizational connections, fostered during the 1960's, between radical right-wing activism in Mexico and Argentina, the type of Cold War imaginaries furnished by these groups, as well as their differentiated role and activities in their respective national contexts. A stress will be made in the ways in which, through formal (the World Anti-Communist League) and informal channels (clandestine operations, intellectual exchanges) these entities crafted a rather paradoxical form of Iberoamericanist, anti-Communist, right-wing solidarity, in which the potential tensions between the particularism of their respective nationalisms is bridged by anti-Communist ideology and religious integrism.