The History of the Agricultural Transformation in Belarus: Agricultural Production and Productivity from Centrally Planned to Market Oriented Economy—Success or Failure of Reforms?

Saturday, January 7, 2012
Sheraton Ballroom II (Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers)
Aksana Yarashynskaya, European University Institute
Belarus is the newly emerged state formation at the post-Soviet territory  (ex.USSR  republic)  which agricultural sector has undergone the transformation process from centrally-planned to market oriented economy during the last 20 years.    

Due to the increase in both academic and political interests in Central and East European (CEE) region transformation issues, there is an extensive scholarship regarding the process of agricultural transformation in Central and Eastern European countries (Swinnen, Lerman, Csaki, etc). However the history of the agricultural transformation in Belarus during the last two decades was mainly  studied in the framework of the generalized multi -country studies, where the Belarus was explored as the integral part of the CEE region, but not as the separate and independent object of the research, although the detailed Belarus-relevant research could provide more complex and comprehensive transformation history puzzle. My research is thus an attempt of the thorough analysis and evaluation of the selected Belarus-specific agricultural transformation issues.

Using the academic literature, international organizations’ reports and national statistical data-sets the poster explores the history of the agricultural transformation in Belarus through the detailed analysis of the agricultural production and productivity dynamic, aiming to answer - could the outcomes of the transformation process  be considered as the success or failure of reforms. I argue that the outcomes of the agricultural transformation could not be considered as a success, despite the existence of the positive dynamic of the agricultural production and productivity patterns.



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