RoundtableMultiSession Conference on Latin American History Presidential Session, Modern Latin America, Part 3: Migration, Labor, and Nation in the Americas: A Roundtable on Teaching and Community Engagement

AHA Session 294
Conference on Latin American History 56
Sunday, January 9, 2011: 11:00 AM-1:00 PM
Provincetown Room (Marriott Boston Copley Place)
Leonardo Vargas-Mendez, Cornell University
Avi Chomsky, Salem State College and Raymond B. Craib, Mark Overmyer-Velázquez, Cornell University, University of Connecticut
Jose C. Moya, Barnard College, Columbia University

Session Abstract

In response to protests surrounding the 2010 AHA/CLAH meetings in San Diego, the CLAH seconded the AHA’s organization of a mini-conference at the 2010 meetings around questions of historical variations in familial and affective relations with a mandate to organize for the 2011 Boston meetings presidential panels around that question and the issue of unprotected labor an Latin American migration.   The panel/roundtable has been selected as a CLAH presidential panel for which we also seek inclusion in AHA panels/roundtables. This roundtable is designed as a forum in which faculty who regularly teach service-learning courses on the themes of migration and labor in the Americas will present overviews of their courses and discuss the promise and problems one confronts in the development of such courses, the contexts out of which they evolve, and the ways in which they challenge particular historical narratives.