RoundtableMultiSession South Asia and the Future(s) of Feminist Historiography: A Workshop on the Politics of Comparison, Part 1: Part 1

AHA Session 148
Saturday, January 8, 2011: 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
Vineyard Room (Marriott Boston Copley Place)
Philippa Levine, University of Texas at Austin
Joint session with the Coordinating Council for Women in History and the Society for Advancing the History of South Asia

Session Abstract

This multi-session workshop will explore new directions in the study of non-Western gender and sexuality, more generally, by bringing a range of critical perspectives and areal competences in gender and sexuality studies to bear on a critical appraisal of South Asian feminist scholarship. By so doing, this workshop will ask scholars who work across temporal and geographical boundaries-from early modernity, to the postcolonial and the postsocialist; and from the United States to Iran-to bring their areal competences and theoretical perspectives into conversation with emerging feminist scholarship in South Asia around issues such as: alternative genealogies of the feminist subject, religious and political identity-formation, and questions of affect and intimacy in social life. In the process, we hope to create a model for addressing productive affinities and meaningful divergences in the study of non-Western gender as it relates to socio-cultural specificity, as well as the universality of "theory." The discussion among participants (Cott; Levine; Najmabadi; Zheng) will circulate around a framing presentation by Mrinalini Sinha, entitled "The Futures of Feminist Historiography: What's South Asia Got To Do With It" The workshop is co-sponsored by the Society for Advancing the History of South Asia.