African History and the Trend of Transnationalism

Saturday, January 8, 2011: 2:30 PM
Room 104 (Hynes Convention Center)
Sarah Van Beurden , Ohio State University, Philadelphia, PA
The trend of ‘transnationalism’ has now been firmly established in the fields of American and European history, but what is its potential for the field of African history?  This paper seeks to explore the possibilities of’ transnationalism’ for the study of African history.  How do we define transnational history, and how does it relate to the field of world history? How has it impacted the field of African Studies so far?

The paper will evaluate the trend of transnational history from the perspective of African history and trace its potential implications in two directions: first, how can it impact the study of the history of African countries and second, how will the field of transnational history from a better integration of the study of the African continent?

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